Data center Green data is unique project of the Faster CZ, spol. s r.o. company. It was opened in the autumn of 2013 at Jarni 44g street in a non-flood zone in Brno-Malomerice. Availability of public transport there is therefore no problem.

Hot and cold aisles are used as the basic principle for cooling the servers. A continuous exchange of air volume has an advantage non-dusting environment, constant humidity and constant pressure. Another of the main ideas of the project is to utilize waste heat from computers (servers) for heating buildings - hence the very philosophy of the green data center.

Now in full operation, block A flat data center 200 m2, comprising of 135 racks of 42U and depths of up to 120 cm. Electric connections power are from two different suppliers and stand there will be a custom transformer as well. Reserve for future construction proves approved project on Block B area of 300 m2 with a capacity of 210 racks.